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Giving off sparks

April 11, 2013 Leave a comment
Chokri's sparks

Chokri’s sparks

Chokri, our seasonal gardener and handyman from Tunisia, is endlessly resourceful.

One of the things that most impressed me was his way of keeping a corrugated plastic pipe in position on top of the water tank it was emptying into. He tied a brick round the pipe on a long string and dangled it down inside the mouth of the tank. Simple but totally effective.

Today he had to chip out some old tile fixative so as to be able to re-bed the tiles. We didn’t have a robust enough chisel so he used our disc cutter to adapt the end of a twisted steel bar.

The resulting sparks were quite dramatic.

Japanese water cascade

March 13, 2013 1 comment
Japanese garden by blue pig

The Japanese-style cascade

Last night, just as we were about to go to bed, I happened to notice a different note to the water that always escapes from the blue pig water tank when the spring is running abundantly.

I checked the pipe that goes into the pond: nothing was coming out so the connection had to be broken.

While Clive leaned out of the bathroom window holding a torch for me, I put together the two separated parts of the 10 cm diameter pipe and directed the immensely strong flow of water down the proper channel, securing one side of the pipe with wire attached to a screw in the trunk of an oak tree.

This morning, I found my bodge job had held so far and the water was running through to the pond.

However the normal escape water was still saturating the soil at the foot of the blue pig and needed to be led away.

So I constructed a mini Japanese-type water cascade using old roof tiles – very rough but, if none of its elements slip, effective.

If the spring was abundant for a larger proportion of the year, I’d love to do a proper job – but preferably not propped on a slippery bank in the rain!

Viburnum tinus

February 5, 2013 Leave a comment
Blue pig with its tarpaulin back on

Blue pig covered again, behind viburnum tinus

I’m not a great one for what’s called ‘winter interest’ in shrubs.

I prefer plants to go nuts in summer and supply a visual feast that lasts all  year in the memory.

This evergreen bush was sited in order to eventually, partially, conceal the blue pig water tank which isn’t exactly an aesthetic feature.

It rather gets in the way for putting the winter tarpaulin on.

But when I re-fixed the tarpaulin after the high winds, I noticed how lovely it is.

Viburnum tinus

Viburnum tinus

Anticipating winter

November 22, 2012 Leave a comment

Upper pipe and lower pipe from the blue pig – notice the butterfly

Our spring is flowing copiously at the moment, and water is escaping out of the top of the blue pig water tank into which it runs.

This isn’t anything unusual. What is different, though, is that the overflow pipe which goes from the top of the blue pig into the pond is flowing at scarcely more than a trickle, which may mean that it’s furred up with the hard water.

This situation is only due to get worse, so I attached one end of a hose to the tap at the bottom of the blue pig and put the other end in the pond. Even with the tap turned on fully there is still water escaping from the top of the blue pig, which just goes to show how much spring water there is.

In the middle of all this messing about with water (one of my favourite activities) I spotted a red admiral butterfly sunning itself on a rock in the pond.

It was quite tenacious, returning again and again after my shadow scared it away.

It looked a bit the worse for wear. I expect it will be searching for a place to hibernate before long.

The red admiral butterfly