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Baby nectarines

May 9, 2013 Leave a comment

I’ve been a bit worried about the nectarine tree which had a hefty dose of leaf curl this year.

It also flowered just when the weather was wet and windy and there wasn’t much chance of pollination.

It’s never been a big fruiter: the nectarines it produces are wonderfully sweet and juicy, but small and few in number.

However there are a few coming along this season.

The first photo was taken a fortnight ago. The second photo (of a different cluster) was taken today.

A newly-formed nectarine

A newly-formed nectarine

A different cluster, one of them overtaking the others in size

One nectarine is getting quite big



May 2, 2013 Leave a comment
A spray of may blossom

A sprig of may blossom

Yesterday, May Day, was a public holiday here like in many other places.

Unlike Britain, which tucks it neatly onto a Monday, in Italy it falls as it falls; if on a Saturday or a Sunday – too bad.

I thought I would take a photo of this appositely named blossom, spreading its petals wide in the sunshine.

Just as well I took it when I did because the weather turned wet soon after.

Poor year for nectarines

March 29, 2013 Leave a comment
In bloom despite the weather

In bloom despite the weather

The nectarine tree is determined to bloom.

This is in spite of the fact that no self-respecting bee would venture out to pollinate in this wind and wet.

At least the blossom is pretty.

In fact I’d grow a nectarine tree just for that, even without the possibility of fruit!

Full moon through the branches

January 28, 2013 Leave a comment
Full moon

Full moon

It’s been grey and misty today with non-stop rain.

Typical, when we’d arranged to have a delivery of pellets for the stove and were obliged to cancel because otherwise the sacks would come into the house wet.

Before today, there was blue sky and bright sunshine.

And a bright full moon.

Leaf fall

January 14, 2013 Leave a comment

Wet weather seems to be well set in now.

There hasn’t been anything dramatic like a storm; just steady rain with frequent mist.

(I catch myself saying that the mist has come down, whereas in fact it comes up, rolling up from the valley like smoke.)

The first wet evening, after we’d taken the car out not long previously, I opened the front door and blinked.

The car bonnet covered in leaves

The car bonnet covered in leaves

Apart from on the car, there were leaves everywhere – all over the path, the flowerbeds, the gravel, and falling as I watched.

Some combination of cold and damp had caused the oak trees to suddenly shed the leaves which they’d held onto until then.

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Still going strong

December 17, 2012 2 comments

Round about now I would normally cut the long rose sprays which will be whipped around by the winter winds.

Rose fronds arching over the path

Rose sprays arching over the path

If they’re long enough, they might even destabilise the roots of the bush itself as they lash wildly back and forth.

As it is, I have to pick them gently out of the way as I go down the path and sometimes they’re dripping wet.

But I haven’t got the heart to cut them back just yet.

The tips of many of the sprays are covered in buds yet to open.

Buds yet to open

Buds yet to open

Water under the door

September 13, 2012 Leave a comment

The bottom of the front door – note grubby patch made by Joules asking to come in

We had a violent squall last night and there’s a mad little vortex in the angle of the house by the front door.

A power cut was threatening, so I popped out of the bedroom to fetch the torch which we keep in the hall.

I was surprised to find that my feet were wet. Quite a wave of water had come in under the door.

This morning I rang the mobile phone of our contact in the double-glazing firm which installed our doors and windows.

Oh yes, he agreed, the seal must have gone underneath the weather bar. We’ll come and fix it. Will you be in today?

A few moments later he rang me back to say that on second thoughts we’d do best to wait till the step’s completely dry in order to ensure proper adhesion, and would I phone him as soon as the weather’s cleared up properly.

You know, I call that pretty good service. (I do give out a few bouquets along with the brickbats.)